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Re: Please review text for security warning

On 05/10/14 09:50 PM, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> You certainly want to use "_Description:" to maake the template translatable.
> Please also send a call for translations, preferrably *before*
> uploading the package with the new template and leaving about 10 days
> for translators to send translations.
> "podebconf-report-po" is your friend for this....

Thanks for the tips! I'm afraid the openldap upload currently awaiting
sponsorship does include a small but uncoordinated template change,
separate from the one from this thread, written before I had read about
the l10n procedures. If it's not a big problem I'd prefer to not revert
that, and get the change into unstable for testing sooner, but I will
try to leave time for a combined call for translations of both changes
before the next upload.

with apologies for the inconvenience,

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