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Re: New debconf template for the linux package

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 is caught by gmail antispam system :(
for convenience, its body was:
So what about this new version?

Index: linux/debian/templates/image.plain.templates.in
--- linux/debian/templates/image.plain.templates.in	(révision 21550)
+++ linux/debian/templates/image.plain.templates.in	(copie de travail)
@@ -36,3 +36,17 @@
  It is highly recommended to abort the kernel removal unless you are
  prepared to fix the system after removal.
+Template: linux-image-@abiname@@localversion@/postinst/mips-initrd-@abiname@@localversion@
+Type: note
+_Description: Boot loader configuration must be updated to load initramfs
+ This kernel package will build an "initramfs" file
+ (/boot/initrd.img-@abiname@) for the boot loader to use in
+ addition to the kernel itself. This method, formerly unsupported
+ on MIPS, enables a more flexible boot process, and future kernel
+ versions may require a corresponding initrd.img to boot.
+ .
+ The currently running kernel has been booted without an initramfs.
+ You should reconfigure your boot loader to load the initramfs for
+ Linux version @abiname@ and for each later version. To achieve that
+ you might use the initrd.img symlink created by this kernel.

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