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Re: New debconf template for the linux package

Quoting Ben Hutchings (ben@decadent.org.uk):

> I would write something like:
> Boot loader configuration must be updated to load initramfs
>  This kernel package will build an 'initramfs' file
>  (/boot/initrd.img-@abiname@) that should be loaded by the boot loader
>  in addition to the kernel itself.  The initramfs enables a more
>  flexible boot process, and it is likely that future kernel versions
>  will not boot without an initramfs.
>  .
>  The currently running kernel has been booted without an initramfs.
>  You should reconfigure your boot loader to load the initramfs for
>  Linux version @abiname@ and for each later version.
> But I think that still needs improvement, for example to say clearly
> that each kernel version needs its own initramfs.

Ben's version has the advantage (seen from my POV) to drop the "your
kernel" which I was about to suggest to change (this is indeed not
"my" kernel but the one running on the machine, which is not
necessarily "mine").

OTOH, the same remark stands for "your" boot loader which I would
replace by "the boot loader".

And, of course, Ben's rewrite puts a big "reviewed by native speaker"
sticker on the template, which is great..:-)

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