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Review of new lintian tag

Could you please review the following text for lintian tags.

Sorry for the format, it is easier to generate as patch file.


diff --git a/checks/binaries.desc b/checks/binaries.desc
index 81f115f..42533c3 100644
--- a/checks/binaries.desc
+++ b/checks/binaries.desc
@@ -317,7 +317,9 @@ Info: The given debugging symbols-only object is installed directly in
  subdirectory.  For example, debug symbols of a binary in
  <tt>/usr/bin</tt> should be placed in <tt>/usr/lib/debug/usr/bin</tt>.
  gdb, when looking for debugging symbols, prepends <tt>/usr/lib/debug</tt>
- to the path of the original binary.
+ to whatever path it finds in the .gnu_debuglink section, which when using
+ dh_strip(1) is either the path to your binary/library or a build-id based
+ path.
 Tag: ocaml-custom-executable
 Severity: normal
diff --git a/checks/control-file.desc b/checks/control-file.desc
index b0ace04..b5b8223 100644
--- a/checks/control-file.desc
+++ b/checks/control-file.desc
@@ -221,3 +221,13 @@ Info: You used a stage1 or stage2 build profile restriction in the build
  packages which would provide different functionality, would be empty or not be
  built at all under the stage1 or stage2 profiles must be marked as not being
  generated with the Build-Profiles field.
+Tag: pre-depends-directly-on-multiarch-support
+Severity: pedantic
+Certainty: possible
+Info: The control file mentions multiarch-support in a Pre-Depends line.
+ Usually multiarch-support is inserted into Pre-Depends via ${misc:Pre-Depends}
+ by dh_makeshlibs. In order to be able to remove the multiarch-support package
+ from glibc without updating every package, Pre-Depends: ${misc:Pre-Depends}
+ should be used instead. Then multiarch-support can be removed by a change
+ in debhelper followed by a binNMU of all affected packages.
diff --git a/checks/cruft.desc b/checks/cruft.desc
index 50b2492..51025d4 100644
--- a/checks/cruft.desc
+++ b/checks/cruft.desc
@@ -479,6 +479,16 @@ Info: The source tarball contains a prebuilt (minified) JavaScript object.
  cleaning the source directory first.  You may want to report this as 
  an upstream bug, in case there is no sign that this was intended.
+Tag: source-contains-prebuilt-sphinx-documentation
+Severity: pedantic
+Certainty: possible
+Info: The source tarball contains a prebuilt sphinx documentation.
+ They are usually left by mistake when generating the tarball by not
+ cleaning the source directory first.  You may want to report this as
+ an upstream bug, in case there is no sign that this was intended.
+ .
+ It is preferable to rebuilt documentation directly from source.
 Tag: source-contains-prebuilt-python-object
 Severity: pedantic
 Certainty: possible
diff --git a/checks/deb-format.desc b/checks/deb-format.desc
index 8a4f214..d090707 100644
--- a/checks/deb-format.desc
+++ b/checks/deb-format.desc
@@ -56,3 +56,15 @@ Info: The data tarball of this udeb package is not compressed in format
  Currently, udpkg supports .gz and .xz compressed tarballs.
+Tag: uses-deprecated-compression-for-data-tarball
+Severity: important
+Certainty: certain
+Info: The data portion of this binary package uses a deprecated compression
+ format.  Creating such binary packages is supported by dpkg-deb for now,
+ although a warning is emitted for lzma since dpkg 1.16.4 and for bzip2
+ since dpkg 1.17.7, but will eventually be disallowed, although extraction
+ will keep being supported for the foreseeable future.
+ .
+ For lzma, xz is the direct replacement.  For bzip2 either gzip or xz can
+ be used as a substitute, depending on the wanted properties, gzip for
+ maximum compatibility and speed, and xz for maximum compression ratio.
diff --git a/checks/description.desc b/checks/description.desc
index d6c31aa..890e5bf 100644
--- a/checks/description.desc
+++ b/checks/description.desc
@@ -136,6 +136,23 @@ Info: The first line of the extended Description: should not repeat the
  or that the extended description has been wrongly copied and pasted.
 Ref: policy 3.4.2
+Tag: spelling-error-in-description-synopsis
+Severity: minor
+Certainty: certain
+Info: Lintian found a spelling error in the package synopsis.  Lintian
+ has a list of common misspellings that it looks for.  It does not have a
+ dictionary like a spelling checker does.  It is particularly picky about
+ spelling and capitalization in package descriptions since they're very
+ visible to end users.
+Tag: capitalization-error-in-description-synopsis
+Severity: minor
+Certainty: wild-guess
+Info: Lintian found a possible capitalization error in the package
+ synopsis.  Lintian has a list of common capitalization errors,
+ primarily of upstream projects, that it looks for.  It does not have a
+ dictionary like a spelling checker does.
 Tag: extended-description-line-too-long
 Severity: normal
 Certainty: certain
diff --git a/checks/fields.desc b/checks/fields.desc
index 552d0e4..a04c254 100644
--- a/checks/fields.desc
+++ b/checks/fields.desc
@@ -656,7 +656,7 @@ Tag: invalid-restriction-label-in-source-relation
 Severity: important
 Certainty: possible
 Info: The restriction list in the source relation includes a term with
- an unknown label. The only allowed labels are "stage1", "stage2", "notest"
+ an unknown label. The only allowed labels are "stage1", "stage2", "nocheck"
  and "cross".
 Tag: restriction-list-without-versioned-dpkg-dev-dependency
@@ -1222,3 +1222,16 @@ Info: The implementation of the "Debian Maintainers" GR has changed
  Instead these permissions are granted via "dak-commands" files.
 Ref: https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2012/09/msg00008.html
+Tag: needless-suggest-recommend-libservlet-java
+Severity: normal
+Certainty: certain
+Info: Package should not suggest or recommend libservlet-java
+ Java servlets are only used in the context of a server (example: Tomcat or
+ Jetty). This server will have this dependency and will take care of the
+ loading of this package with the right libservlet.
+ .
+ Removing this dependency will fix this warning.
+ .
+ If there is otherwise a valid reason for this suggestion or recommendation,
+ please override the tag.
diff --git a/checks/files.desc b/checks/files.desc
index e515259..dd9a9ee 100644
--- a/checks/files.desc
+++ b/checks/files.desc
@@ -989,7 +989,9 @@ Info: This package creates a potential privacy breach by fetching a
  logo at runtime.
  Before using a local copy you should check that the logo is suitable
- for main. Ask debian-legal for advice.
+ for main. You can get help with determining this by posting a link to
+ the logo and a copy of, or a link to, the logo copyright and license
+ information to the debian-legal mailing list.
  Please replace any scripts, images, or other remote resources with
  non-remote resources. It is preferable to replace them with text and
@@ -1497,6 +1499,19 @@ Info: The arch all pkg-config file contains a reference to a multi-arch path.
  Another likely cause is using debhelper 9 or newer (thus enabling
  multi-arch paths by default) on a package without multi-arch support.
  The usual cure in this case is to update it for multi-arch.
+ .
+ Last but not least, this file could contains a reference to a cross
+ architecture. Like for instance a x86_64-linux-gnu pkg-config file
+ referencing a i386-linux-gnu file. In this case the usual cure is to
+ fix this path.
+Tag: pkg-config-bad-directive
+Severity: serious
+Certainty: possible
+Info: The pkg-config file contains a wrong directive.
+ .
+ The following file include a wrong directive. This could lead to
+ FTBFS or leak private compile flags to another package.
 Tag: dir-or-file-in-home
 Severity: serious
@@ -1526,3 +1541,15 @@ Info: The given file is in PATH but consists of non-ASCII characters.
  Note that Lintian may be unable to display the filename accurately.
  Unprintable characters may have been replaced.
+Tag: incorrect-naming-of-pkcs11-module
+Severity: important
+Certainty: certain
+Info: This package ships a PKCS#11 module configuration file under
+ <tt>/usr/share/p11-kit/modules</tt>, but its naming doesn't conform
+ to what <tt>p11-kit</tt> expects.  Files in that directory should
+ respect the following convention, case insensitive:
+  [a-z0-9][a-z0-9_.-]*.module
+ .
+ p11-kit currently warns on every file that does not follow the
+ convention and may ignore them in the future.
diff --git a/checks/infofiles.desc b/checks/infofiles.desc
index bc49b5e..a586c36 100644
--- a/checks/infofiles.desc
+++ b/checks/infofiles.desc
@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ Info: This info document has no INFO-DIR-SECTION line.
  <tt>install-info</tt> will be unable to determine the section into which
  this info page should be put.  The best solution is to add a line like:
-   @dircategory Development
+   @dircategory Software development
  to the texinfo source so that the generated info file will contain a
  section.  See <tt>/usr/share/info/dir</tt> for sections to choose from.
@@ -53,6 +53,7 @@ Info: This info document has no directory entry.  This is text between
  the <tt>dir</tt> file in <tt>/usr/share/info</tt> by
  <tt>install-info</tt>.  The best solution is to add lines like:
+   @dircategory Software development
    * foo: (foo).                Foo creator and editor
    @end direntry
diff --git a/checks/init.d.desc b/checks/init.d.desc
index 84a8c7a..29dbbf4 100644
--- a/checks/init.d.desc
+++ b/checks/init.d.desc
@@ -366,3 +366,15 @@ Info: The given init script declares a dependency on a virtual facility
  If the dependency can not be satisfied upon the package's
  installation, insserv will refuse the activation of the init.d script.
 Ref: http://wiki.debian.org/LSBInitScripts
+Tag: init.d-script-depends-on-all-virtual-facility
+Severity: serious
+Certainty: possible
+Info: The given init script declares a dependency on $all
+ virtual facility.
+ .
+ This virtual facility is reserved to local script.
+ .
+ Moreover using $all in more than one init.d script is
+ totally broken.
+Ref: http://wiki.debian.org/LSBInitScripts
diff --git a/checks/java.desc b/checks/java.desc
index fc8f986..bf55937 100644
--- a/checks/java.desc
+++ b/checks/java.desc
@@ -37,6 +37,12 @@ Info: The classpath listed in some of the files references files outside
  files are not accepted by the application, then please override this
+Tag: maven-plugin-in-usr-share-java
+Severity: normal
+Certainty: possible
+Info: A maven plugin is incorrectly installed in /usr/share/java.
+ Maven plugin should be installed in /usr/share/maven-repo
 Tag: executable-jar-without-main-class
 Severity: serious
 Certainty: certain
@@ -102,7 +108,7 @@ Info: The package contains a Jar file with Java class files compiled for an
  for a newer version of Java than Lintian knows about.  In the latter case,
  please file a bug against Lintian.
- Latest class version known by Lintian is Java7 (Major version 51).
+ Latest class version known by Lintian is Java8 (Major version 52).
 Tag: zip-parse-error
 Severity: normal
diff --git a/checks/md5sums.desc b/checks/md5sums.desc
index ad9098b..6e23a34 100644
--- a/checks/md5sums.desc
+++ b/checks/md5sums.desc
@@ -36,6 +36,9 @@ Info: The md5sum listed for the file does not match the actual file
  Usually, this error occurs during the package build process, if the
  <tt>debian/tmp/</tt> directory is touched after <tt>dh_md5sums</tt>
  is run.
+ .
+ Font files regenerated at post-install time by t1c2pfb
+ should be overriden.
 Tag: md5sums-lists-nonexistent-file
 Severity: important
diff --git a/checks/ocaml.desc b/checks/ocaml.desc
index 17fee5a..7d7ebf6 100644
--- a/checks/ocaml.desc
+++ b/checks/ocaml.desc
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ Author: Stephane Glondu <steph@glondu.net>
 Abbrev: ocaml
 Type: binary
 Info: This looks for common mistakes in OCaml binary packages.
-Needs-Info: file-info, ar-info, index
+Needs-Info: ar-info, index
 Tag: ocaml-dangling-cmxa
 Severity: serious
diff --git a/checks/patch-systems.desc b/checks/patch-systems.desc
index 00f06a5..8591956 100644
--- a/checks/patch-systems.desc
+++ b/checks/patch-systems.desc
@@ -75,6 +75,14 @@ Info: The package contains a debian/patches/series file usually used by
  If you don't need quilt during build but only during maintenance work,
  then you can override this warning.
+Tag: quilt-series-without-trailing-newline
+Severity: serious
+Certainty: possible
+Info: The package contains a debian/patches/series file
+ that doesn't end with a newline. dpkg-source may silently
+ corrupt this file.
+Ref: https://bugs.debian.org/584233
 Tag: quilt-patch-with-non-standard-options
 Severity: normal
 Certainty: certain

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