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Re: Bug#747697: [BTS#747697] templates://debian-security-support/{debian-security-support.templates} : Final update for English review

Christian PERRIER wrote...

> Please review the suggested changes, and if you have any
> objections, let me know in the next 3 days.

Looks good, go ahead.

> The existing translators will be notified of the changes: they will
> receive an updated PO file for their language.

Just let me remind you users will see incomplete l10n if the catalog
file po/messages.po has not been translated, too. So please include at
least that file in the list; I'd like to avoid having to poke each
translator for that.

Similar but not that important: The manpage template
check-support-status.txt should be translated, too. The fix for
#749894 will introduce a small change, though.


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