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Re: Bug#737563: ITP: telegram-cli -- Command-line interface for Telegram

I don't know if this ITP is still alive, but if so I think we should
be Cc-ing the bug rather than posting on debian-devel.

> Cleto Martín wrote:
>> Package: wnpp
>> * Package name    : telegram-cli
>>   Description     : Command-line interface for Telegram messenger

That's more or less just an expansion of the package name, and doesn't
give me much of a clue what this software is for.

Is this a single binary package?  If it's one package for a library
and one for the executable, they should probably have short
descriptions along the lines of

     Description: phone instant messenger - shared library
     Description: phone instant messenger - command-line interface

>>  Telegram messenger is a cloud-based instant messaging platform
>>  designed for smart phones and similar to Whatsapp but more flexible,

These days it's usually s/smart phones/smartphones/

Isn't it "WhatsApp", with capital A?

No need for a comma after "flexible".

>>  and powerful. You can send messages, photos, videos and documents to
>>  people who are in your phone contacts (and have Telegram). Telegram
>>  also supports secret chats whose provide a private (encrypted) way of
>                              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Chris Bannister wrote:
> 			   That should be "which provides"?

Chats are plural, so they "provide" (no -s).  Or say "providing".

Also, "a [...] way of communication" seems unidiomatic - s/way/means/

>>  communication.
>>  .
>>  This package contains a command-line based client for Telegram with

What's the difference between a command-line based client and an
actual command-line client?

>>  the following features:
>>   * Colored terminal messages.
>>   * Message management: history, stats, etc.
>>   * Group chat: create and manage groups.
>>   * Secret chat: secured and encrypted conversations.
>>   * Contact management: add/edit/remove contacts.
>>   * Multimedia support: send/load photos and videos.

This isn't quite in "d-l-e house style", but it's okay.
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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