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Re: Review for the english description of a new package

Dear Justin,

Thanks a lot for the really quick and detailed answer!

Just for precisions:

Yes, the current version is a gnome shell app, but the current version
is only compatible with gnome-shell 3.10. :-(
As we are using gnome-shell 3.8, the app version is still an extension
(changed lately to an independent gnome-shell app).
But As I'm pretty sure that when I'll package the later version I'll
forget to change this point in the description, I'd better do it now!

Yes, I know, frequent interruptions could seem not to help, but it is
based on the idea that development should be cut off into short and
simple tasks. It stands that if a task takes more than 25 minutes to
be developed, it should be broken into simpler  pieces.
This kind of technique requires more preparation but should help folks
to work quicker. As a casual developer, I can't tell if I'm quicker
using this because I still loose a looooot of time on syntax errors!
But some real developers I know tell me they are more efficient using
this technique! :-)

I took all your remarks in account but removed the "It's that simple"
at the end to have a more neutral description.

Again thanks a lot for your help and availability.

Best regards,

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