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Re: Bug#733300: [RFR] templates://kinect-audio-setup/{templates}

On Thu, 2 Jan 2014 15:08:13 +0000
Justin B Rye <justin.byam.rye@gmail.com> wrote:

> Oops -
> Justin B Rye wrote:
> >     When the Kinect is first plugged in, it shows up as a generic USB device
> >     with a bulk endpoint; after the appropriate firmware is installed, a
> >     re-enumeration takes place and a USB Audio Class device becomes available.
> But my patch has "bulk-transfer endpoint".  Revised version matching
> my review attached.

I am attaching my latest version.

The patch is against the original files (i.e. it's not an incremental
diff against previous reviews), it incorporates the changes by Christian
and Justin with these further modifications:

  - Fix the description title.
  - Avoid unneeded low level technical details, but specify that it is
    the "audio input device" of the Kinect sensor which is first seen
    as a generic USB device which needs a firmware.
  - Fix URLs

  - Fix the URL of the EULA


Antonio Ospite

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