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Website for the status of Debconf templates


(I sent this post to "debian-l10n-spanish" mailing list 3 days ago but got 
no reply thus asking here...)

I have noticed the links to the PO files available on the template status¹ 
are all broken².

OTOH, are the statistics displayed in there still trustable?

There are two PO files I want to update ("glance" and "ircd-hybrid") and 
though I already have the last template for "glance" which has been 
recently updated, the template for "ircd-hybrid" shows there are some 
unstraslated and fuzzy strings (dunno why) and I currently don't know 
from where to get the last template to start working on the update.

In brief, I find more chaos than the usual I'm used to and I'm a bit 
lost :-) 




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