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Re: Bug#707193: [BTS#707193] templates://nss-pam-ldapd/{nslcd.templates,libnss-ldapd.templates} : Final update for English review

Control: tags -1 + pending

On Thu, 2013-06-06 at 07:16 +0200, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> The debian-l10n-english contributors have now reviewed these templates,
> and the final proposed changes are attached to this update to the
> original bug report.

Thank you all for your work with improving this package. I've integrated
your changes both in the version targeted for unstable and the version
for experimental.

I have one change though in debian/control:

 Description: NSS module for using LDAP as a naming service
  This package provides a Name Service Switch module that allows using an LDAP
  server to provide user account, group, host name, alias, netgroup, and
- basically any other information that you would normally be retrieved
+ basically any other information that would normally be retrieved
  from /etc flat files or NIS.
I've also changed the wrapping of the package description paragraphs a
bit (but that shouldn't make a difference for the translations).

Current versions here (unstable):
and here (experimental):

-- arthur - adejong@debian.org - http://people.debian.org/~adejong --

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