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Re: [Openstack-devel] Bug#708658: Bug#708658: [RFR] templates://cinder/{cinder-common.templates, cinder-api.templates}

On 06/02/2013 04:40 PM, Justin B Rye wrote:
> No, it's far too late to change it!  But presumably it's "creeping
> developerese": programmers forget that what API actually means is
> "design specs for source code" and think of it as meaning just "the
> part of the software I interact with".  Even "ABI" would be closer -
> at least that's a runtime thing!

Not that much though. OpenStack also has python-<whatever>client which
really does contain Application Programers Interface in python.

> Er, does that mean I need to learn to use debcheckout, or is this the
> version I get when I apt-get source?

Do not bother with that too much, I'll do the work, and it doesn't
contain any change for the descriptions which were correctly wrapped.


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