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Re: review request for the debconf templates used by the nvidia graphics driver [non-free]

Thanks again for all your comments!

I'm re-posting the updated templates that will be sent out for
translation soon, to allow for final nitpicking.
I hope I didn't mismerge anything:

Template: nvidia-installer-cleanup/uninstall-nvidia-installer
Type: boolean
Default: true
_Description: Run "nvidia-installer --uninstall"?
 The nvidia-installer program was found on this system. This is
 probably left over from an earlier installation of the non-free Nvidia
 graphics driver, installed using the Nvidia *.run file directly. This
 installation is incompatible with the Debian packages. To install the
 Debian packages safely, it is therefore necessary to undo the changes
 performed by nvidia-installer.

Template: nvidia-installer-cleanup/delete-nvidia-installer
Type: boolean
Default: true
_Description: Delete nvidia-installer files?
 Some files from the nvidia-installer program still remain on this system.
 These probably come from an earlier installation of the non-free Nvidia
 graphics driver using the *.run file directly. Running the
 uninstallation procedure may have failed and left these behind. These
 files conflict with the packages providing the non-free Nvidia graphics
 driver and must be removed before the package installation can continue.

Template: nvidia-installer-cleanup/remove-conflicting-libraries
Type: boolean
Default: true
_Description: Remove conflicting library files?
 The following libraries were found on this system and conflict with
 the current installation of the Nvidia graphics drivers:
 These libraries are most likely remnants of an old installation using the
 nvidia-installer program and do not belong to any package managed by dpkg.
 It should be safe to delete them.

Template: nvidia-support/warn-mismatching-module-version
Type: error
_Description: Mismatching nvidia kernel module loaded
 The Nvidia driver that is being installed (version ${new-version})
 does not match the nvidia kernel module currently loaded
 (version ${running-version}).
 The X server, OpenGL, and GPGPU applications may not work properly.
 The easiest way to fix this is to reboot the machine once the
 installation has finished. You can also stop the X server (usually by
 stopping the login manager, e.g. gdm3, kdm, or xdm), manually unload the
 module ("rmmod nvidia"), and restart the X server.

Template: nvidia-support/warn-nouveau-module-loaded
Type: error
_Description: Conflicting nouveau kernel module loaded
 The free nouveau kernel module is currently loaded and conflicts with the
 non-free nvidia kernel module.
 The easiest way to fix this is to reboot the machine once the
 installation has finished.

Template: nvidia-support/needs-xorg-conf-to-enable
Type: note
_Description: Manual configuration required to enable Nvidia driver
 The Nvidia driver is not yet configured; it needs to be enabled in
 xorg.conf before it can be used.
 Please see the package documentation for instructions.

Template: nvidia-support/removed-but-enabled-in-xorg-conf
Type: error
_Description: Nvidia driver is still enabled in xorg.conf
 The Nvidia driver was just removed, but it is still enabled in the
 Xorg configuration. X cannot be (re-)started successfully until Nvidia
 is disabled in the following config file(s):
 Note that switching to the free Nouveau driver requires the
 nvidia-kernel-common package to be purged (not just removed).

Template: nvidia/unsupported-legacy-96xx
Type: error
_Description: Nvidia legacy 96xx driver is no longer supported.
 Nvidia Corporation has not updated the legacy 96xx driver to support
 current X servers, so this driver is no longer usable. For graphics
 adapters that are not supported by a newer Nvidia driver generation,
 the best option is to use the free Nouveau driver.
 To switch to the Nouveau driver, please uninstall all Nvidia driver
 packages, remove all Nvidia-specific configuration from
 /etc/X11/xorg.conf (and xorg.conf.d/), and *purge* the
 nvidia-kernel-common package - just removing it is insufficient.

(this last template belongs to the nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-96xx
package and I already sent a call for translations)


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