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Re: Bug#668706: [RFR] templates://graphite-carbon/{graphite-carbon.templates}

Jonas Genannt wrote:
> Justin B Rye <jbr@edlug.org.uk> wrote:
>> Why *is* the package called graphite-carbon?  It's a set of Python
>> modules called carbon, so doesn't Debian's Python Policy require it to
>> be named "python-carbon"?  Compare python-twisted, python-graphite,
>> and python-whisper...
> Graphite consists of three packages:
>   * whisper
>   * carbon
>   * graphite-web

Oops - I'd somehow given myself the impression that there was a Debian
package for graphite-web, but now I look again I don't see one.

> Whisper is the library - so it's called python-whisper.
> Carbon is an Python Application, so it named graphite-carbon, because
> is works mainly only with graphite(-web).

I'm not convinced it's quite that clearcut, since it looks like it's
python-whisper that provides more useful commandline executables, but
I don't want to tell you you're wrong - I'm just airing questions that
I wouldn't still be worrying about if the package description made it
clear just how I would use graphite-carbon.  If Graphite is a web app,
I imagine that means it's invoked out of a web server; and instead of
logging data via syslog or something, it passes it to the
graphite-carbon daemon.  Does graphite-carbon invoke executables out
of whisper, or just write into a whisper directory in whisper format,
or what?

Oh, and if carbon is essentially *only* useful with graphite, that's a
vital piece of information that wasn't in the package description (it
says that graphite-web requires carbon, but not the reverse).  Is
there some hope that there will eventually be a Debian package of
graphite-web?  If you're reluctant to add text that will need updating
soon, that would go some way towards explaining the unhelpfulness of
the description... but surely you'd have to update the control file
anyway to add (at least) a "Suggests: graphite-web".

On the other hand, if users are *always* going to have to install
graphite-web from an upstream tarball, shouldn't the package
description say so in metre-high neon letters?
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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