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[TAF] templates://graphite-carbon/{graphite-carbon.templates}

The graphite-carbon package introduced new or modified debconf
templates. This is often a good moment for a review to help the
package maintainer following the general suggested writing style and
track down typos and errors in the use of English language.

A bug report has been sent against the package: 668706

If someone wants to pick up this review, please answer to this mail,
in the mailing list, with an [ITR] (Intent To Review) label.

The templates file is attached.

To propose the file you reviewed for peer review, please send a [RFR]
(Request For Review) mail with the reviewed file attached...then a few
days later, when no more contributions come, a summary mail with a
[LCFC] (Last Chance For Comments) label.

These RFR and LCFC mails should CC the opened bug report.

Finally, after no more comments coming to the LCFC mail, you can send
the reviewed templates file in the bug report.

Then, please notify the list with a last mail using a [BTS] label
with the bug number.

Helping the package maintainer to deal with induced translation
updates at that moment will be nice. If you're not comfortable with
that part of the process, please hand it off to a translator.


Template: graphite-carbon/postrm_remove_databases
Type: boolean
Default: false
_Description: Should whisper database files removed then package is purged?
 The directory /var/lib/graphite/whisper contains the whisper database
 If you are removing Carbon package in order to later install a more
 recent version the data should be kept.
Source: graphite-carbon
Section: utils
Priority: optional
Maintainer: Jonas Genannt <jonas.genannt@capi2name.de>
Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 8), python-all (>= 2.6.6-3~)
Standards-Version: 3.9.3
DM-Upload-Allowed: yes
Homepage: https://launchpad.net/graphite

Package: graphite-carbon
Architecture: all
Depends: adduser,
Description: backend data caching and persistence daemon for Graphite
 Carbon is an Twisted daemon that process incoming time-series
 data and saves that data as Whisper database files on disc.
 Carbon daemon is needed for an fully functional graphite-web app.

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