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Review required for dmaths package

Hello everyone,

I am the maintainer of the package dmaths

I'm working on a new version of the package for update to a new
upstream relase and closing the bug report

The description field for control file is this:

Formula editor improvements for LibreOffice
 Dmaths is software that integrates with the (free) office suites
 LibreOffice and NeoOffice for Mac OS X. It aids scientists and other
 people who wish to edit mathematical formulas, directly uses your
 favorite drawing software and incorporates function graphs in a

Can someone check it? The upstream documentation for the package is
available in http://www.dmaths.org/documentation/doku.php?id=presentation:en

It is also possible to change or expand the description if it is
deemed appropriate.

Thanks and regards!

I. De Marchi

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