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Re: description for libglib2.0-bin

Martin Eberhard Schauer wrote:

> "This package contains some commandline utilities using GLib."

The reality seems more complex:

 - gdbus: its main purpose is (?) monitoring DBus activity in
   order to debug apps that use glib.

 - gsettings: a simple commandline interface to the GSettings
   facility.  It lets you get and set keys, and to monitor an
   individual key for changes.

   A typical use might be (?) in a script or shell snippet for
   the user to paste to dump settings or change a setting.

   The gdm3 package dependency on libglib2.0-bin might be due
   to this tool.

 - glib-compile-schemas: converts from text to a binary format
   that apps using GSettings use.  Just a symlink, presumably
   because libglib2.0-0 already needs this functionality.

 - gio-querymodules: symlink to /usr/lib/glib-2.0/gio-querymodules

Maybe something along these lines (warning: not fact-checked):

	This package contains some low-level commandline utilities for
	working with GLib facilities.  In particular, it contains
	a tool for tracing GDBus activity (gdbus) and a tool for
	getting, setting, and monitoring configuration stored using
	backends GSettings understands (gsettings).

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