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Re: [RFR] templates://icecast2/{templates}

Quoting Justin B Rye (jbr@edlug.org.uk):

> Maybe it should be something more like:
>   Description: Configure Icecast2?
>    Choose this option to set up passwords for Icecast2. Until these are
>    configured the server will not be activated.
>    .
>    You should not use this option if you have already manually tweaked
>    the configuration of Icecast2.
> (If I have in fact already got an edited configuration, and therefore
> choose to leave Icecast disabled, how do I turn it back on?)

You're apparently on your own..:-)

I took all of your suggestions, including that last one.

> Oh, and another afterthought: the templates talk about setting up an
> administrative web user interface, but the control file gives no hint
> that Icecast uses one.  It would probably be a good idea to mention it
> in the package's long description.

Something like adding an extra paragraph saying:

 It provides a web interface that allows performing access control to
 the server as well as basic administration tasks.

(just guessing, indeed)

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