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Re: [RFR] templates://gitalist/{gitalist-common.templates}

Hello Christian,

> And, as a user, my first question here is "what the heck is this
> "Gravatar" thing?". The template doesn't give me a clue about it so
> how could I know whether I should enable or disable it? :-)

"Gravatar" is an web 2.0 service. You can store your avatars for your
email addresses on Gravatar. And many services like Redmine supports

Look here: http://projects.puppetlabs.com/users/799

My avatar is fetched from gravatar.com.

I had spoke with upstream of gitalist to disabled that feature by
request, because the browser will send the referrer to gravatar - so
Gravatar knows your repository names and directory/filenames in your
repro. Not very good if you use gitalist for your company code.


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