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Additional English training (for use in package description reviews)


I wonder whether
"If <action> is requested by <some_programm>, and
 neither <parameter_1> nor <parameter_2> is set,  then
<parameter_1>  is implied ..."
is correct.

I understand that a parameter is required. Not providing the
 parameter will result in using a default value. But I don't know
whether to use singular or plural.

As a consequence: I'm quite confident in my command of English -
but I have difficulties to translate. As most Debian users will have
to translate the majority of the package descriptions (1) on their own:
Should the wording be changed to be easier to understand and to
avoid misunderstandings?

I'm sorry that I can't offer a kingdom for the answer to the
"Is or are" question ;-)


1: http://ddtp.debian.net/stats/stats-squeeze.html
Only the Italian Squeeze users have access to more than 50 % translated
descriptions (of the optional packages).

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