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[RFR] English debconf templates uim-ajax-ime and uim-social-ime


I would appreciate if you have any time to review
the new debconf template for uim package (which is not released yet).

uim is a input method module library supporting various languages, which
become a frontend for Anthy, SKK, Canna, PRIME, T-Code, TUT-Code,
Pinyin(Chinese input method), Hangul(Korean input method), IPA(International
Phonetic Alphabet) and etc.... Most of the functions are implemented with
Scheme, so it's very simple and flexible.

uim has uim-ajax-ime and uim-social-ime sub packages.
uim-ajax-ime and uim-social-ime exchange not encrypted
request and response with their internet servers.
Roughly speaking, exchange data are user's key inputs.

These templates are displayed when uim-ajax-ime and
uim-social-ime packages are installed as security warning.
They are uim-ajax-ime and uim-social-ime's own messages,
I just copy them to templates.
If better message, I will send it to upstream.

Please cc me, as I do not subscribe to this list.

GPG Fingerprint = 0B29 D88E 42E6 B765 B8D8 EA50 7839 619D D439 668E
Template: uim-ajax-ime/warn-connection
Type: note
_Description: Security warning
 All the request to Ajax-IME server is not encrypted through the internet.

Template: uim-social-ime/warn-connection
Type: note
_Description: Security warning
 All the request to Social IME server is not encrypted through the internet.

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