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Re: Fwd: Call for help: dc10 final report proofreading


This is absolutely great work.  I've checked all revisions in - you've
gotten us basically to assembling now, which is a huge step.

debconf-team, a few other things are in the quote below:

On Wed, Mar 09, 2011 at 12:09:17PM +0000, Justin B Rye wrote:

> Except in the page composed entirely of blog-quotes (which I'm leaving
> untouched), I'm imposing a single consistent stylesheet, but to 
> minimise the overall diff I'm assuming en_US spelling while allowing
> some punctuation conventions more common in en_GB, such as
> doublespaced sentences and singlespaced dashes. 
> I've standardised all ASCII emphasis markup to *asterisks*.
> I have eliminated one use of "whom" in subject position, but otherwise
> I'm not imposing consistent case morphology on the word.
> Do people say "auditoriums" or "auditoria"?  I'll leave it.
> The video-team page appears at one point to claim that all past *and
> future* DebConfs have archived video streams.


- Richard

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