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Re: Bug#610262: "on-topic, constructive, helpful" requirement for CoC

Le 17/01/2011 07:32, Philip Hands a écrit :
> Hi,


Thanks for your answer, kept verbatim for the bug log, and for
debian-l10n-english interest too.

> In the sentence:
>   The mailing lists have been created to promote the use and development of Debian.
> the "have been created" seems a little clumsy to me and should probably
> be replaced with "were created", although I'd actually instead use
> "exist" because that emphasises that the purpose continues rather than
> being only an initial intention.  I'm not sure if that would be clear to
> a non-native reader though:
>   The mailing lists exist to promote the use and development of Debian.
> I'm a little suspicious of the "the use and development of" bit as well,
> since it seems that promote's subject is a little complicated.  How
> about:
>   The mailing lists exist to promote Debian's development and use.
> or alternatively:
>   The mailing lists exist to encourage both the use and the development
>   of Debian.
> these should be looked at by some non-natives English readers to see
> which they find clearest.
> Cheers, Phil.

Your proposals seems fine in my non-native PoV, but I believe that the
initial wording and the following ones miss the goal of the bug title
(at least for the third requirement: “helpful”).

Could someone please help us and propose a simple wording to promote
“on-topic, constructive and helpful” requirements for mailing lists usage?



Index: english/MailingLists/index.wml
RCS file: /cvsroot/webwml/webwml/english/MailingLists/index.wml,v
retrieving revision 1.42
diff -u -r1.42 index.wml
--- english/MailingLists/index.wml	16 Jan 2011 20:38:02 -0000	1.42
+++ english/MailingLists/index.wml	17 Jan 2011 00:30:07 -0000
@@ -156,9 +156,10 @@
 <p>When using the Debian mailing lists, please follow these rules:</p>
-  <li>The mailing lists are intended for constructive, on topic discussions
-      intended at making Debian better. Please attempt to make sure all of your
-      postings maintain all three criteria.</li>
+  <li>The mailing lists have been created to
+      promote the use and development of Debian.
+      Non-constructive or off-topic messages,
+      along with other abuses are not welcome.</li>
   <li>Do not send <em><a href="http://foldoc.org/spam";>
       spam</a></em>; see the <a href="#ads">advertising policy</a> below.</li>
   <li>Send all of your e-mails in English. Only use other languages on

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