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Re: Linguistic work on rgbPaint.

Dear Ben Finney, Christian Perrier, and Justin B Rye,

I am sort of catching on to this thread on debian-l10n-english,
since I am not subscribed and since I do prefer Mutt, never having
used an emailer from within a browser! Sorry for that.

You are welcome to CC me on any message concerning rgbPaint.

måndag den 29 november 2010 klockan 19:14 skrev Justin B Rye detta:
> Mats Erik Andersson wrote:
> > I am preparing the initial packaging of rgbPaint, a software for which
> > I recently got help to rework the package description.
> > 
> > uses some 550 lines of XML-code to produce the manual page. Would it
> > be possible to find an accomplice for this amount of peer reviewing?
> I'm expecting to have even more free time than usual this month, so I
> can certainly help if you post it to the list - I don't know
> anything much about DocBook, though.

The Docbook source for my master copy in English, as it was sent to
this list earlier today, was extracted from the full Docbook source I
am maintaining at Alioth/collab-maint:




contains the very same English text as well as a Swedish adaption, which
is a week older, since I have reread the English text three further rounds
before submitting it for peer review today.

Personally I am not worried about the size of the Docbook source,
it is rather the size of an individual language source that might scare
volontaries away. Of course, the actual measure of text is much less
than 550 odd lines, but still the initial work consumes time.

For all eventualities I will keep 'rst2man' in my mind, should my
hope to see more adaptions/translations suffer.

I have never heard of 'po4a' before, so I will have to do background
investigations first.

My sincere thanks for your interest though. I deal exclusively with
server or system software normally, but I judge rgbPaint to be of
great merit for young people and for casual uses, so I will spend
the time it takes to get it into shape. The upstream build system
and the compiler warnings have already seen numerous alterations.

Best regards,

Mats E A

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