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Re: Review of description for initial packaging: rgbpaint

Dear Justin B Rye,

onsdag den 17 november 2010 klockan 15:43 skrev Justin B Rye detta:
> Mats Erik Andersson wrote:
> > All good points, but I am not fully content yet.

> Well, if I thought I'd got it finished I wouldn't have stuck in so
> many question marks.

> [...]

> > The program can use a command line switch to produce a single screen
> > snapshot of the screen content prior to executing rgbPaint. The resulting
> > image is immediately loaded by the program as a new image. It can be
> > edited or discarded, but no further snapshot can be generated by a
> > running program. Is the following wording satisfactory?
> > 
> >    actions are painting, filling, and area selection. The program can
> >    also take a screen snapshot before starting, and use it as its first
> >    image.
> A program that can do things before starting!

Sic transit mundi.

>      The program can also start by taking a screen snapshot to use as the
>      initial image.

The text now pleases my present desires, so I will let the case
rest until I have finished writing a manual page in Docbook.
The software deserves detailed documentation and translation
thereof, so this seems like well invested time for providing
a multi-lingual handbook.

Many thanks for your review and changes of my first draft.

Best regards,

Mats Erik Andersson, still a pending DM

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