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Re: [OT] enum man page review


On 10/21/10 03:38, David Prévot wrote:
> Sure, I understand know, so just drop the [] and the quotes (which are
> misleading), patch attached.

Same thinking here.

> There is no need to mark them optional
> since GNU shorcuts are showed bellow. I can see in *VALID COMBINATIONS*
> section that some argument may be dropped in some cases, but since it's
> explained in this section, no need to make the *SYNOPSIS* section bigger
> (or drop the *VALID COMBINATIONS* in favor of the *SYNOPSIS* one, but I
> doubt that would be an improvement).

These three cases listed in to indicate that
- enum is compatible to GNU seq
- there are ways to call enum way simpler than the general form

Still, I agree, the synopsis should look less tall.  Sigh.

> I don't understand, should the equal sign be typed or not?

getopt_long supports both, the user can choose from

  enum --format %4d 20

  enum --format=%4d 20

Should hold for all programs using getopt_long.



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