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Re: [OT] enum man page review


On 10/20/10 21:36, Justin B Rye wrote:
>>>> *enum* enumerates values (numbers) from 'LEFT' to 'RIGHT'
>>>> adding/subtracting 'STEP' each time.  If 'STEP' is not provided it is
>>>> implied.
>>> Maybe "if 'STEP' is not provided a default is used"?
>> Well, techinically, as described below, the step can be set to a default
>> or be calculated. In both cases it is sort of implied, isn't it?
> I suppose I was thinking of that as a default that may either depend
> on (whatever) or be a fallback value, but that's an unclear way to
> put it, especially with its dubious concept of a fallback default.
> The trouble with "if STEP is not provided it is implied" is that it
> sounds as if it might mean something like "the string STEP is
> implied", rather than "a value for the parameter STEP is implied".
> One simple way to avoid that is
>     ...  If 'STEP' is not provided a value is implied.

Good idea.

>>> (Optional) "three random numbers between one and ten (inclusively)"
>> I guess, having the actual numbers in the text makes it easier to relate
>> the jot call. Well, I don't know...
> Yes, hence the "Optional", since it is after all immediately
> followed by the "jot -r 3 1 10".  Sorry Sebastian, changing one but
> not all just seems weird!  Let's keep it in digits.

As you wish.


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