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Re: [OT] enum man page review

Justin, Hauke,

> Hi Justin,
> thank you so much for having a look at the text!

Seconding that.  Excellent review, thank you!

>> > *-l, --one-line*::
>> Why "one-line" but "-l" (when "-1" and "-o" aren't taken)?

Maybe we should make it "--line", instead.
The current "--one-line" conflicts with Git's "--oneline", anyway.

On "-1":
  While getopt should parse that, it has potential to confuse users.
  Imagine a call like "enum -1 3 7".

On "-l":
  A fellow suggested this very shortcut, when we introduced him to enum.
  It was his response to our demo of "-s ' '".

>> > *-V, --version*::
>> >     Displays version information and exits with code 0 (success).
>> Hmm, but there's no -v...
> Isn't -v standard for --verbose (which wouldn't make sense for enum)?

I'm seconding that concern.

>> > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> > In order to produce 3 random numbers between 1 and 10 inclusively, you
>> > would run
>> (Optional) "three random numbers between one and ten (inclusively)"
> I guess, having the actual numbers in the text makes it easier to relate
> the jot call. Well, I don't know...

Agreeing with Hauke on "1 and 10".  Would

  In order to produce three random numbers between 1 and 10
  (inclusively), you would run

be a bad mix?


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