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Re: po/*po files can't generated!

Quoting Eric KOM (erickom@namekom.co.za):
> Hi Dear!
> I'm trying to use debconf with po-debconf in my package, the problem is
> want I run the command:
> $debconf-gettextize templates
> I received this message error below.
> Template parse error near `# These templates have been reviewed by the
> debian-l10n-english ', in stanza #1 of templates
> Please how can I  generate all po/*.po?
> May be I missing some step!

Don't use debconf-gettextize.

It was meant for times when packages were using the "old style" way to
translate templates (does anyone around still remember how it worked?

If your templates file uses the po-debconf way (prepending some fields
with "_"), whet you need is "debconf-updatepo".

PS: i18n issues are better being discussed in debian-i18n. I
understand that you sent this here mostly because you're working on
templates that were reviewed by this list (what package, by the way? I
don't remember us working on packages of yours, recently).

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