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Re: [moodle-packaging] [RFR] templates://moodle/{templates}

On Thu, 2010-07-01 at 19:51 +0100, Jonathan Wiltshire wrote:
> Dear maintainer,
> As I have not heard from you about the pending review of templates for
> moodle, I have proceeded to review them anyway. It's your choice if you
> wish to use them in your package, though to avoid wasting translator time I
> will not send them for translation without your ACK.

> Please find, for review, the debconf templates of moodle.
> This review will last from Thursday, July 01, 2010 to Sunday, July 11, 2010.

Thank you very much Jonathan. I will wait until July 11 and commit
updated templates. They already look much better than I've originally
written them.


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