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Re: [RFR] templates://gitolite/{templates}

> Keep the second person out again.

I looked over your review and found no specific point I would change,
but I'd like to comment about this comment.

I'm not entirely comfortable with "us" (dle folks) 'fighting' against
each and any occurrence of second person use. This often leads to
ultra-neutral wording which not every maintainer is OK with.

*I* am fine with neutral wording, as a result of years of scientific
articles writing, but this is not universally shared and I remember
very long debates with some Debian maintainers who probably think we
are quite anal wrt this..:-)

So, well, changing a template because it says "you should do <foo>" is
maybe going too far. That level of interaction with users is IMHO fine
and I prefer seeing us explaining carefully why "your web server" is
less appropriate.

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