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Re: [ITR] templates://gitolite/{templates}


* Jonathan Wiltshire <debian@jwiltshire.org.uk> [2010-07-01 20:57:03 CEST]:
> The first step of the process is to review the debconf source
> template file(s) of gitolite. This review will start on Sunday, July 04, 2010, or
> as soon as you acknowledge this mail with an agreement for us to
> carry out this process.

 As I explicitly asked on debian-i18n for the review, please don't delay
it further with waiting for a second acknowledge. ;)

> All parts of the process will be carried out in close collaboration
> with you, and, unless you explicitely ask for it, no upload nor NMU
> will happen for gitolite.

 I don't think that there is any need for an NMU for the package, thanks
for the offer. We aren't in that hurry for the release and I am tracking
these things more or less closely anyway.

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