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Re: [LCFC] templates://vidalia/{templates}

> Template: vidalia/info
> Type: select
> Choices-C: no, yes-now, yes-always
> _Description: Let Vidalia start Tor after stopping existing Tor process:
> __Choices: No, Yes (just for now), Yes (and disable it for every boot)

When it came to translation, I wondered myself "hey, what the hell are
they meaning?".

particularly, this "disable it" is unclear. What is "it"?

A French translator proposed me the following translation:

_Description: Déléguer le lancement de Tor à Vidalia après arrêt des processus Tor existants :
__Choices: Non, Oui (uniquement cette fois), Oui (et pour tous les redémarrages à venir)

which roughly translates to:

Delegate launching Tor to Vidalia after stopping existing Tor process:
Yes (just for now)
Yes (for every upcoming reboot)

The key work here is "delegate" which gives to good idea: Tor is not
longer launched autonomously, but launched from Vidalia.

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