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Re: [RFR] Description and templates for package dotLRN

Quoting Justin B Rye (jbr@edlug.org.uk):

I'll focus on debconf templates with one initial remark:
dbconfig-common is a package that provides common methods to setup
RDBMS databases for packages that need them. You might want to
consider using some of its facilities. One of the big advantages is
that its templates have been very carefully reviewed *and* almready
have many translations..thus avoiding translators to translate similar
things across packages.

That said, here's my input on the templates as reviewed by
Justin. Only minor things....and putting in parallel the same
templates from dbconfig-common.

> Template: dotlrn/db_host
> Type: string
> Default: localhost
> _Description: Database server hostname:
>  Please enter the hostname of the database server host.


_Description: Host running the ${dbvendor} server for ${pkg}:
 Please provide the hostname of a remote ${dbvendor} server.
 You must have already arranged for the administrative
 account to be able to remotely create databases and grant

(of course, as your package apparently supports only PostreSQL, it
would be needed to replace ${dbvendor} by hardcoded PostgreSQL

> Template: dotlrn/dba_confirm
> Type: password
> _Description: DBA password confirmation:
>  Please repeat the password in order to continue the process.

We have an inconsistency here. Once "database administrator", once "DBA"

Note that dbconfig-common does not re-prompt for DBA password. This is
logical, as this is not a password that you *set*.

I wonder if you really should keep this pwd confirmation for the DBA password

> Template: dotlrn/mismatch
> Type: note
> _Description: Password mismatch
>  The password and its confirmation do not match. Please
>  reenter the passwords.

Here I can provide what Debian Installer has:

_Description: Password mismatch
The two passwords you entered were not the same. Please enter a password again.

> Template: dotlrn/dbu_name
> Type: string
> Default: www-data 
> _Description: Database owner username:
>  Please enter the username of the dotLRN database owner.

_Description: ${dbvendor} username for ${pkg}:
 Please provide a ${dbvendor} username for ${pkg} to register with the
 database server.  A ${dbvendor} user is not necessarily the same as a
 system login, especially if the database is on a remote server.
 This is the user which will own the database, tables and other
 objects to be created by this installation.  This user will have
 complete freedom to insert, change or delete data in the database.

> Template: dotlrn/create_tables
> Type: note
> _Description: Warning - dotLRN database tables not created
>  The dotLRN install process will create the database, but will not
>  populate it with tables. Point a browser at:
>  .
>  http://localhost:8000/
>  .
>  The address and port that dotLRN will listen on can be configured
>  in /etc/aolserver4/conf.d/dotlrn.sh.

As I already mentioned in a separate bug report, I think this can be
considered debconfn abuse. But you maybe already answered and we'll
discuss that in the bug report..:-)

> Template: dotlrn/pg_grant_access
> Type: boolean
> _Description: Grant PostgreSQL access to the dotLRN user?
>  Should the PostgreSQL configuration in pg_hba.conf allow the
>  dotLRN user access?

dbconfig-common has probably some methods for this.


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