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Packages with recently added/modified debconf templates

While our i18n.debian.net server was down, several packages got
new|modified debconf templates (of course without any call for
translations by their respective maintainers...):

|kde4libs          |     |    0/0/11     |
|moon-buggy        |88%  |    8/1/0      |
|mysqmail          |18%  |    2/6/3      |
|openoffice.org    |     |    0/0/3      |
|redhat-cluster    |     |    0/0/4      |
|sinfo             |     |    0/0/2      |
|syscp             |     |    0/0/16     |

I couldn't notice this until today as my bells and whistles depend on i18n.debian.net.

Translators, please do *not* rush out on these.

Most, if not all, of them will be reviewed in
debian-l10n-english. You'll get notices of this in debian-i18n

Sending translation updates for these packages *now* is only likely to
bring more confusion than good results. Please refrain from doing so.

PS: I need to check out what happened for mysqmail. This is an upload
I did for the maintainer a few days ago and there might have been some
screwage either for all translations....or only for French ones.


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