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Re: [RFR] templates://mysqmail/{mysqmail.templates}

Justin B Rye wrote:
>>  Template: mysqmail/conf_mysqldb
>>  Type: string
>>  Default: dtc
>>  _Description: MySQL database name:
>> + Please enter the name of the database where MySQmail will store data
>> + from POP3, SMTP and FTP servers as well as POP3 authentication credentials.
> If I'm installing mysqmail-postfix I don't want it to start asking
> me questions about data from POP3 and FTP servers.

The fact is that there's one central mysqmail package that holds the
configuration file /etc/mysqmail.conf and that all the small daemons are
using that config file. So it makes sense that the template is telling
about all of them.

>> -Description: Use MySQL accouting and auth for most used MTA
>> +Description: mail and FTP accounting and authentication in MySQL
> Easy to misread as "mail (and other things) in MySQL"; and the
> authentication part seems to have been stripped out anyway.  I'd
> suggest cutting this down to:
>    Description: traffic-logging system in MySQL

Agreed. Even better:

Description: real time traffic-logging system in MySQL

as this is the main reason that pushed me to write it. There WAS some
traffic analyzers, but I didn't find any in real time. It's particularly
important to have it real time if you do massive shared hosting: you
really want to block a user from sending too much emails when it's doing
so, and mysqmail is a solution for that issue.

>    Description: traffic-logging system in MySQL
>     MySQMail is a set of tiny daemon loggers for mail and FTP servers that
>     save traffic information in a MySQL database. The information is split
>     by domain and by user so that it's easy to measure all the traffic for
>     a given domain name in real time.
>     .
>     This package provides the configuration infrastructure.


>> Is this really "pure-ftpd"?
> That's the packagename; the "brand name" is Pure-FTPd.  Wouldn't a
> dependency on "pure-ftpd | pure-ftpd-mysql" be satisfied by
> pure-ftpd-postgresql?  I suppose you could make that work, though,
> so it's not actually a bug.

Are you saying it shall be changed by "pure-ftpd | pure-ftpd-mysql |
pure-ftpd-postgresql"? To me, best would be to just use "pure-ftpd" as
there are some Replaces: and Provides:. Maybe the control file of
pure-ftpd itself changed, because I remember I quite needed to have this |.

Feel free to incorporate that change and use just pure-ftpd instead.

> If a mysqmail-qmail package arrives later (typing that packagename
> gives me hiccups) it'll need a longer final paragraph pointing out
> that "this particular logger also handles authentication data".

Agreed. However, there's very few chances that this package arrives
anytime soon, as I have removed it, and since it seems we need to wait
until January so that Qmail itself can have a chance to be in main
(which is after the freeze of Squeeze).

> (A last-minute thought: if the formula was
>    Description: logging system in MySQL - Dovecot traffic-logger
> that would make it easier in future to introduce a
>    Description: logging system in MySQL - Qmail auth and traffic logger
> Worth doing?)

Shall I insist in the realtime feature? :)

Thanks you all for your care about my package template, I appreciate it
a lot, especially that (I believe that) I as well took care of writing
it the right way. I rewrote it twice as I was unhappy of the result and
code base. Also, as I had many proofs of it already, I do believe that
I'm a quite bad (English) writer ... :)

More over, this package seems to be a very common need, I have seen many
requests for such thing in the debian-isp list. If some of you have
suggestions on how to improve it so it scales better, or make it more
easy to integrate with other software than DTC, feel free to do so. It
shouldn't be too hard to add couples of configuration variables (thanks
to libdotconf that makes it easy).


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