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"New" dash debconf template

Switching to dash as default system shell is currently being prepared
(see -devel for details).

The tricky part of the switch is handling the upgrade. The discussion
on -devel settled that users should be prompted when upgrading their
systems, whether they want dash to become /bin/sh.

It has to make it clear that the change does not affect the
interactive shell for users.

Working on this at Debcamp, we came with the following template. Do
you folks have any possible improvement suggestions for it?

PS: a *quick* review will be appreciated..:)

Default: True
_Description: Use dash as the default system shell (/bin/sh)?
 The system shell is the default command interpreter for shell scripts.
 Using dash as /bin/sh will improve the system's overall performance
 without changing the shell used interactively by the users of this machine.


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