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Re: Request for review change in user-setup template

Quoting Luk Claes (luk@debian.org):
> --- debian/user-setup-udeb.templates	(revision 57747)
> +++ debian/user-setup-udeb.templates	(working copy)
> @@ -43,6 +43,10 @@
>   A good password will contain a mixture of letters, numbers and punctuation
>   and should be changed at regular intervals.
>   .
> + Choosing an empty root password is not allowed. If you choose an empty
> + password, then a user account will be created and given the power to
> + become root using the 'sudo' command.
> + .
>   Note that you will not be able to see the password as you type it.

Hmmm, the templates says that using an empty password is not allowed
and *then* that choosing one will switch to sudo mode. That can be

Also, the templates gives the feeling that the user account will be
created *only* when choosing an empty password, which is of course not

I'd suggest:

"If the password is left empty, the unprivileged account that is
created in next steps will be granted with the power to become root
using the "sudo" command."

PS: we should by the way make sure that something yells out if:
- sudo mode is chosen
- the unprivileged account creation is refused

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