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Re: [Pkg-clamav-devel] Request for review of new debconf questions (clamav)

Quoting Stephen Gran (sgran@debian.org):

> > Template: clamav-milter/User
> > Type: string
> > Default: clamav
> > _Description: User to run clamav-milter as:
> >  It is recommended to run the ClamAV programs as a non-privileged user.
> >  This will work with most MTAs with a little tweaking. However, using
> >  clamd for file system scans will require running clamav-milter as root.
> >  .
> >  Please see README.Debian in the clamav-base package for details.
> The bit about filesystem scans makes no sense for the milter - I think
> this language was copied directly from the template for clamav-daemon,
> where it does make some sense.  I think we should just drop the sentence
> beginning with "However".


> > Template: clamav-milter/Foreground
> > Type: boolean
> > Default: false
> > _Description: Should clamav-milter stay in foreground (not forking)?
> Setting this option is only useful for debugging and is actively harmful
> (it will prevent the init script from returning at system boot time,
> potentially breaking bootup).  We should drop this option altogether.
> Admins can still add it for debugging purposes manually.  If we want to
> support running clamav-milter from a supervisor (as we do for
> clamav-daemon and so on), then we should change the template to be clear
> that that is what we're talking about.

Maybe keep it, mark it as non-translatable with the following:

Description: for internal use only
 This setting is kept for debugging purposes and will prevent the init
 script from returning at system boot time, potentially breaking

> > Template: clamav-milter/ClamdSocket
> > Type: string
> > Default: unix:/var/run/clamav/clamd.ctl
> My only comment here is that I'd like the default to be pulled from
> clamav-daemon, if possible.  I don't think this affects the templates at
> all, just the code, but I wanted to double check with you.

Yep. The default is non translatable so no consequence on translations.

> > Template: clamav-milter/LocalNet
> Looks great.
> > Template: clamav-milter/Whitelist
> Looks great.
> > Template: clamav-milter/OnClean
> <...>
> >  This setting is meant for testing purposes only.
> Since this is just for testing, I don't think it's useful to offer a
> debconf template for it.  Let's just drop it altogether.

It's not very harmful as it shares the major part of its translations
with  clamav-milter/OnInfected. Your call..:-)

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