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Re: [RFR] templates://nut/{nut.templates}

2009/3/18 Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org>
Quoting Arnaud Quette (aquette.dev@gmail.com):

> > +Description: network UPS tools - core system

I propose keeping this uncapitalized, for consistency with other
packages where the leading character is never capitalized (read
"should never be").

To include your suggestion to use the "official" capitalization, I
changed the beginning of the boilerplate to:

Description: network UPS tools - core system
 Network UPS Tools (NUT) is a client/server monitoring system that allows computers to share

as told in my prev. mail, it's ok.
> > Rewrite the boilerplate:
> > - capitalize the framework's name
> > - permits the sharing of-->permits sharing  This is probably easy to
> >  rewrite this
> > - no need to quote "server" and "client", imho
> >
> disagreed. the package split will evolve and provide in the future the
> server side (upsd + drivers) and client side (upsmon, upsc, upsrw, upscmd)
> separatly so that installing a network client doesn't require the full
> framework. The client / server is really important, and part of the toolkit
> / framework approach of NUT.

I think that what Justin proposed still keeps that distinction. When
saying "no need to quote", we were just saying that, as "client" and
"server" are English words and used with their general meaning, they
don't really need to be quoted.

> > - This package contains the core system, and the serial and USB UPS
> > drivers.
> > + This package provides NUT's core system, and the serial and USB UPS
> > drivers.
> >  In most cases it is sufficient for a basic UPS monitoring system.
> >
> > "the core system of what"?
> >
> >
> of NUT, ie the serial / USB drivers, data servers (upsd) and clients.
> maybe "provides the core components of NUT..."

I think that Justin was commenting his own change here. From "This
package provides the core system."  That sentence, alon, triggers the
silent question "the core of what?".

The proposed rewrite " This package provides NUT's core system"
answers that question.


-- Arnaud

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