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Re: [RFR] apf-firewall package


Could you also review the README.Debian please?

apf-firewall for Debian

On your first installation of APF it will come pretty bare in the way of
preconfigured options, this is intentional. The most common issue with many
firewalls is that they come configured with so many options that a user may
never use or disable, that it leaves systems riddled with firewall holes.

APF comes configured with only a single incoming port
enabled by default and that is port 22 (SSH)

The main APF configuration file is located at /etc/apf-firewall/conf.apf and has
detailed usage information above all configuration variables. The file uses
integer based values for setting configuration options and they are
0 = disabled
1 = enabled

This tells APF to run in a development mode which in short means
that the firewall will shut itself off every 5 minutes from a cronjob. When
you install any version of APF, upgrade or new install, this feature is by
default enabled to make sure the user does not lock themself out of the
system with configuration errors. Once you are satisfied that you have the
firewall configured and operating as intended then you must disable it.

When you are ready, you should edit /etc/default/apf-firewall and APF will start
at boot.

 -- Giuseppe Iuculano <giuseppe@iuculano.it>  Tue, 18 Aug 2008 11:21:41 +0200

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