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Re: [RFR] fwsnort package

Christian Perrier wrote:
> Quoting Franck Joncourt (franck.mail@dthconnex.com):
>> ---- debian/fwsnort.templates
>> _Description: Download the rules?
>>  The latest Snort rules can be downloaded from
>>  http://www.emergingthreats.net in order to keep fwsnort up-to-date.
> I don't have any specific comment but I guess you'll also send a call
> for translation of debconf templates, right?

Yes, I intend to do that.
First, I wanted the package to be reviewed.

Although the templates are simple, I would like to make sure they are
fine ; someone could have something to say to improve them.

I will take care of the fr.po and send a RFR on l10n-french :) unless
you think this is not necessary ?


Franck Joncourt
http://debian.org - http://smhteam.info/wiki/
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