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Re: (forw) [RFR] D-I Manual: new section on how to load firmware during installs

Hello Justin,

I was initially not aware that Christian had forwarded my RFR to this 
list. I am not subscribed myself.

Christian forwarded your first two replies, but not the third. However, 
I've just taken the third from the archive.

The review request was really only meant for a few short new sections. You 
reviewed quite a bit more than that. I have already updated the manual 
for some of your comments from the first two mails. Some of the comments 
I will keep until after the release because most are minor problems and 
making the changes now would result in too much work for translators in 
the run up to the release.

If you have more suggestions for the Installation Guide then please send 
them to, or at least CC the debian-boot list. If you don't the risk is 
quite big that your work will end up in /dev/null, which would be a pity.

Anyway, thanks for your comments.


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