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Re: Request for review: fwknop package

Quoting Franck Joncourt (franck.mail@dthconnex.com):

> > No space before the question mark in English. 
> Ok, that is a French habit, or at least I think so :)

It is...

Could you please report the templates in this thread.

Pointing to an URL makes life harder for those (understand /me) who do
such work offline.

I will probably not suggest better thigns than Justin, but I could
make an overall check of the general debconf use, etc.

I also suggest that you'll send a call for translations *before*
uploading the package introducing debconf templates....and, if you
translate them to French yourself, that you request for a review in

Thank you very much, Franck, for the initiative of this review before
introducing the templates. This is *exactly* what should IMHO be done
as soon as one introduces new debconf templates.

I also suggest you send the package description from debian/control
for review, while you're at it.

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