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Please proofread beep debconf template


 I ask for opinions on this debconf template. It was long standing
already and I just today received a first feedback on the text of it
(see #492724 if you are interested) so I thought I should offer the
updated template for proofreading on this list. 

_Choices: usable for all, usable for group audio, usable only for root
_Description: Install beep as:
 beep must be run as root since it needs to access the speaker hardware.
 There are several possibilities to make the program usable:  Either only
 for root (no suid bit at all), executable only by users of the group
 audio, or usable for all.
 Since each program set as suid root can be a security risk this is not done
 by default.  However, the program is quite small (~150 lines of code), so it
 is fairly easy to verify the safety of the code yourself, if you don't
 trust the package maintainer's judgement.

 Thanks in advance for any suggestions (or just a simple ACK mail to go
ahead with using that :)).


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