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Re: Description for sshproxy

Vincent Bernat <bernat@luffy.cx> wrote:
> I have packaged sshproxy (a proxy for SSH ;-) ). Here is the current
> description:
> Package: sshproxy
> Description: ssh gateway to apply ACLs on ssh connections

Repeated "ssh" - remove one.  Maybe expand "ACLs" either here, or in
the descriptions.  If it's such a key feature, why isn't it in the
longer description?

The package name gives me more clue about what it does than the short
description, so maybe a total rewrite is a good idea: "ssh gateway
based on permission lists, not keys or passwords"?  But I might still
misunderstand what sshproxy actually does and I've not time to install
it today.

>  This package provides mysql backend.

Should be "This package provides the mysql backend." or maybe
"This package provides a mysql backend."

>  This package provides extra plugins : console-extra, acl-funcs,
>  logusers, alternate-login, remote-logging and telnetclient

No space before : in English, please.  (So "plugins: console-extra,")

> Any improvement on the descriptions is welcome.

Hope that helps,
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