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Suspending Smith (english) reviews temporarily

Justin B. Rye, who is currently by far the most active reviewer, on
debian-l10n-english, indicated that he will be away for some time (as
many of us).

As a consequence, I feel like I can't continue starting reviews until
Justin is back as he corrects many of my own English errors in his

So, no more ITR (intents to review) or TAF (Work To Do) will be posted
during next week(s?).

I will probably still send the RFR for the few packages I just ITR'ed
as Justin sent "preventive" reviews. For these, I'll extend the RFR
length so that Justin can still see them.

LCFC, bug reports, BTS and translation update rounds will continue at
the same rate, though I'll be away for some days too and might then
extend the deadlines for translation updates.

Merry ${whatever} to the entire i18n crowd...


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