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Final(?) changes to apt-listchanges templates

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):

> One last comment:
> "Package changes may be displayed by apt-listchanges in various ways."
> I still don't like "Package changes". That really should be "Changes in 
> packages".
> Also, the use "may" is IMO wrong here.
> Finally, "in various ways" is a stronger qualifier of "displayed" than "by 
> apt-listchanges" and should thus come first.
> Suggestion:
> "Changes in packages can be displayed in various ways by apt-listchanges."

I agree with Frans proposal, so here's the new proposed version of the
templates file.

# These templates have been reviewed by the debian-l10n-english
# team
# If modifications/additions/rewording are needed, please ask
# debian-l10n-english@lists.debian.org for advice.
# Even minor modifications require translation updates and such
# changes should be coordinated with translators and reviewers.

Template: apt-listchanges/frontend
Type: select
__Choices: pager, browser, xterm-pager, xterm-browser, gtk, text, mail, none
Default: pager
_Description: Method to be used to display changes:
 Changes in packages can be displayed in various ways by apt-listchanges:
  pager        : display changes one page at a time;
  browser      : display HTML-formatted changes using a web browser;
  xterm-pager  : like pager, but in an xterm in the background;
  xterm-browser: like browser, but in an xterm in the background;
  gtk          : display changes in a GTK window;
  text         : print changes to the terminal (without pausing);
  mail         : only send changes via e-mail;
  none         : do not run automatically from APT.
 This setting can be overridden at execution time. By default, all the
 options except for 'none' will also send copies by mail.

Template: apt-listchanges/email-address
Type: string
Default: root
_Description: E-mail address(es) which will receive changes:
 Optionally, apt-listchanges can e-mail a copy of displayed changes to
 a specified address.
 Multiple addresses may be specified, delimited by commas. Leaving this
 field empty disables mail notifications.

Template: apt-listchanges/confirm
Type: boolean
Default: false
_Description: Prompt for confirmation after displaying changes?
 After displaying the list of changes, apt-listchanges can pause with
 a confirmation prompt. This is useful when running from APT, as it
 offers an opportunity to abort the upgrade if a change is unwelcome.
 This can be overridden at execution time, and has no effect if the
 configured frontend option is 'mail' or 'none'.

Template: apt-listchanges/save-seen
Type: boolean
Default: true
_Description: Should apt-listchanges skip changes that have already been seen?
 A record of already displayed changes can be kept in order to avoid
 displaying them again. This is useful, for example, when retrying an upgrade.

Template: apt-listchanges/which
Type: select
__Choices: news, changelogs, both
Default: news
_Description: Changes displayed with APT:
 Please choose which type of changes should be displayed with APT.
  news      : important news items only;
  changelogs: detailed changelogs only;
  both      : news and changelogs.

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