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Re: [LCFC] templates://courier/{courier-base.templates,courier-mta.templates,co urier-ssl.templates,courier-webadmin.templates,sqwebmail.templates}

Christian Perrier wrote:
> This is the last call for comments for the review of debconf
> templates for courier.

> Template: courier-base/webadmin-configmode
> Type: boolean
> Default: false
> _Description: Create directories for web-based administration ?
French punctuation.

> Template: courier-ssl/certnotice
> Type: note
> _Description: SSL certificate required
>  POP and IMAP over SSL requires a valid, signed, X.509 certificate. During
>  the installation of courier-pop-ssl (resp. courier-imap-ssl), a self-signed
>  X.509 certificate will be generated if necessary. 

s/resp./or/ (and perhaps drop the parentheses)

>  For production use, the
>  X.509 certificate must be signed by a recognized certificate authority, in
>  order for mail clients to accept the certificate. The default location
>  for this certificate is /etc/courier/pop3d.pem (resp.
>  /etc/courier/imapd.pem).

s/resp./or/; in this case it could be "or imapd.pem (respectively)".
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