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Re: [RFR] templates://ampache/{ampache.templates}

> Some further suggested changes for the control file:

As usual, very pertinent (enlish or frenglish?) changes. All included.

> > Current recommended way to mention upstream's home page until the use
> > of a "Homepage:" field in debian/control is widely accepted.
> (I think someone on debian-mentors was saying it's supported in dpkg
> now, but that would just mean it's time to start using both...)

Hmmm, I should trigger that discussion in -devel so that we can have a
stance here.

I don't really like recommending to put the upstream home page in two
places, so we'd better be sure that we can recommend to use
"Homepage:" or not.

Sure, dpkg supports it but what about other tools. Does using it
increase the risk of breaking something else?

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