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Re: [ITR] templates://dibbler/{dibbler-client.templates,dibbler-relay.templates,dibbler-server.templates}

> Thanks. Sure, I approve. Go ahead. My experience as a maintainer is very 
> limited, so if I do something wrong, let me know.

Actually, the one thing I'd like to discuss is your use of debconf

You use two notes for the server and relay config, to just warn users
that they should configure the software.

IMHO, this is debconf abuse and more pertains to README.Debian. 

Debconf notes are very intrusive and they interrupt the installation
(moreover, you're displaying your at critical priority, which is IMHO,
not appropriate).

You really should consider moving these texts to README.Debian. We
will review the texts anyway, as we have no idea whether you'll follow
this suggestion or not.

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